• Tata Cara Membuat Kue Sus Dengan Vla Coklat

    Tata Cara Membuat Kue Sus Dengan Vla Coklat - If you are from Jakarta and Betawi miss the cuisine, you can stop by at Jl. Zafri Zam-Zam. If you visit these stalls, it should be during the afternoon as if you must be out too late. Culinary Regions in Banjarmasin with rice Uduk ii Betawi not far from the hospital. Individuals asylum and lying on the roadside. Betawi flavor seasoning grilled chicken is also delicious with a fairly cheap price that is 11,000 rupiah.

    ahkan stalls run since 1993, this became the object of tourists who come to this region, so that the existence of this shop increasingly popular, let alone often officials of Banjarmasin and Jakarta who came to the province always taken well to this simple shop. According to Hj Ainun, this shop sells food was just typical city Martapura, namely Supo green bean porridge, the menu consists of the diamond which was given chicken broth soup with a mixture of green beans. But because so much demand for traditional cakes other, then sold also traditional cakes typical Banjarese, m such bingka, kelapon, kikicak, cangkarok, diamonds, lamang, kraraban, sarimuka, bowsprit, to-to, slurry randang, Bulungan chicken, kulaks bananas, kakoleh, puracit, lupis, Putu Mayang, babbongko, pancakes, and other kua.

    While the food, besides there are yellow rice, also katupat balamak, Banjar rice cake, rice kaboli, balamak rice and chicken porridge. According to Hj Ainun, pastries sold it mostly artificial artisans in the neighborhood. "There are about 30 people baker, who every day entrust to dijualkan cake stall he ran, and thank God, the welfare of artisans cake was getting better after these stalls increasingly visited by many people," said Hj Ainun accompanied by two twin daughters. The stall is open from early morning and in the afternoon usually closed because the pastries were gone to buy.

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    Wednesday 2nd March 2016 at 18:09
    wao kreativ menunya banyak,jadi banyak pilihan
    Wednesday 2nd March 2016 at 18:11
    Menunya banyak ok
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