• Saatnya Memasak Martabak Manis Simple Tapi Enak

    Saatnya Memasak Martabak Manis Simple Tapi Enak - Fahmi finally was arrived at precisely in eastern Java Java, city of heroes, that is where Fahmi college. Fahmi has always worked hard to achieve his goals immediately, study diligently, worship more diligent, always closer to the power. Although it is not little and not easy obstacles to be crossed by Fahmi Fahmi not flinch in order to reach his goals are lofty. Because Fahmi do not want to make their parents upset.

    Fahmi wanted to make his parents moved to tears by Fahmi success, thanks to the efforts of hard Fahmi Idris was ogled by the campus and Fahmi get a full scholarship from the campus because of Fahmi was selected as an active student, intelligent and noble moral. was immediately contacted his parents, and now Fahmi is no longer financed by their parents again, in addition Fahmi also worked as a tutor young children in mosques for the cost of everyday life.

    For 3 years traveling college Fahmi Fahmi had reached the end of the lecture Fahmi. Fahmi could not wait to graduate and immediately went home and later had become a preacher. Increasingly Fahmi growing enthusiasm for learning, learning. Because Fahmi must pass an exam that determines whether or not know, but somehow Fahmi are always difficulties in learning, daydreaming, his mind drifting Fahmy was asked to God in prayers.

    Fahmi finally arrived in his hometown. And Fahmi directly visiting his mother's grave. Shortly after Fahmi graduated and returned to his village many people offer to Fahmi order to fill the recitation. Until one day Fahmi name began to be known up everywhere, and from there the ideals Fahmi be successful achieved, Fahmi could menghajikan father, though not with the mother.

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    Monday 25th March at 03:02

    thank you so much for the information

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