• Cara Membuat Es Buah Asli Segarnya - Pak Ponimin touched to hear the narrative of her son. The boy who became pelecut spirit of pride each morning. Then, he quickly moved up to Sutrimo. "Please forgive me, son. You just school, ask the teacher waivers deadline. Keep your father these days the money was already collected. No need to blame yourself, because you deserve to be there. Mom and Dad proud of the accomplishments. Never discouraged, yes, because God will always provide the way for us. "

    Trimo, his call was simply nodded. Indeed, he did not have the heart to make a grieving father. Therefore, during this time he never forced ask for tuition. However, the deadline given by the school has reached a maximum. Ultimatum had already been announced yesterday pedaling his pedicab stinging blistering break through his body. He was determined to work harder to meet the needs of his wife and children. Tired is not meaningful, because family smile is the most beautiful thing he could enjoy.

    Span the distance between Indonesia and China is not a measure that can be taken by a matter of seconds. A glimpse of the real accustomed then disappeared, of course refracted longing. There measuring heart wobbly sense. Not only Sutrimo, but the mother felt the same longing. Pulsating beats that are not in tune even seconds. A year passed, all went smoothly as they dream. Sutrimo through the day in a spirit which continues to explode, as a testimony to the pride of the father.

    After what happened yesterday very pisses me off, did not reappear at the school. He just vanished. I do not know why he did not set-off to school? There is hell? What might he sick? I really do not know why Resin does not set off. I wondered at his school friends. But they also do not know, and since then no news Damar. Its contact number also is not active, he's like a ninja who disappeared without a trace.

    It has been almost one year Damar did not also show-up. But why am I so excited waiting for her? Indeed since Damar nothing I feel lonely anymore, and now I'm alone again like the first time I entered high school. Why does he have to fill my days if in the end he mengkosongkannya back? I was really upset, vacillating, languish, principally mixed feelings. Once I tried to forget him. But I could not, he was too dense to be forgotten. Now I'm alone again, break yourself and enjoy the sunset alone.

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  • Saatnya Memasak Martabak Manis Simple Tapi Enak - Fahmi finally was arrived at precisely in eastern Java Java, city of heroes, that is where Fahmi college. Fahmi has always worked hard to achieve his goals immediately, study diligently, worship more diligent, always closer to the power. Although it is not little and not easy obstacles to be crossed by Fahmi Fahmi not flinch in order to reach his goals are lofty. Because Fahmi do not want to make their parents upset.

    Fahmi wanted to make his parents moved to tears by Fahmi success, thanks to the efforts of hard Fahmi Idris was ogled by the campus and Fahmi get a full scholarship from the campus because of Fahmi was selected as an active student, intelligent and noble moral. was immediately contacted his parents, and now Fahmi is no longer financed by their parents again, in addition Fahmi also worked as a tutor young children in mosques for the cost of everyday life.

    For 3 years traveling college Fahmi Fahmi had reached the end of the lecture Fahmi. Fahmi could not wait to graduate and immediately went home and later had become a preacher. Increasingly Fahmi growing enthusiasm for learning, learning. Because Fahmi must pass an exam that determines whether or not know, but somehow Fahmi are always difficulties in learning, daydreaming, his mind drifting Fahmy was asked to God in prayers.

    Fahmi finally arrived in his hometown. And Fahmi directly visiting his mother's grave. Shortly after Fahmi graduated and returned to his village many people offer to Fahmi order to fill the recitation. Until one day Fahmi name began to be known up everywhere, and from there the ideals Fahmi be successful achieved, Fahmi could menghajikan father, though not with the mother.

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  • Cara Membuat Kolak Pisang Yang Manis dan Lezat - Moments later after their mushroom soup runs out, the effect-they began to feel. They laugh and laughter no matter that they can interfere with those around them. They even laugh when they laugh at something that was not funny, because it's a funny thing that comes from both of them hallucinations. However, moments later, Agus felt that his body was numb, and if he sees something very terrible. The longer Agus feel the effects of these mushrooms, he started to not be able to move around the body. Agus such as stroke, her body convulsing thus making unconscious.

    When Agus falls and convulsions, that makes him hallucinate that his fate will be the same as Agus. After seeing the incident, Grace ran aimlessly. Grace that was running did not see the car that was passing from the opposite direction, thus Grace hit by a car so that makes it bounce and covered in blood. Meanwhile, Agus, who have long passed out eventually found by a citizen who at the time was a walk around the village. Then, Agus was rushed to hospital in the city of Mataram.

    At that time, the sun is still capable of emitting light from the eastern horizon, Fahmi is the teenagers who come from remote villages in Aceh, Fahmi is a teenager who bred from poor families, his father only as a laborer, and his mother worked odd jobs, while Fahmi also still have two sisters both women is Zahra and Anisa are both still in school at the primary school. Fahmi is the first child. Fahmi Fahmi recently graduated from high school are different with more friends Fahmi was the son of a pious, industrious, always helping his parents to earn a living.

    Since SMA Fahmi very aspire to go to college but Fahmi always doubt what he wanted, because of economic factors, so do not allow it to proceed to a higher level again, ideals Fahmi was very noble. Fahmi wanted to be a preacher, a public figure, and one that is envisioned by Fahmi is menghajikan parents to the holy land. Because Fahmi knows that his parents wanted to go to the holy land.

    Especially his mother who was eager to see the temple directly and pray in front of the temple, but this time Fahmi still harbored a deep dream to go to college, because Fahmi afraid desire is not sanctioned by her parents and she was also afraid that parents burdened later Fahmi desirable with what is college, and Fahmi also understand the costs for tuition fees was not a little. While he still has two sisters who are still in school and too costly.

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  • Aneka Masakan Daging Khas Indonesia Banget - Peanut sauce has become a part of culinary archipelago in completing various special dishes. Thick sauce made from main ingredient of peanuts, besides the ordinary into the menu complement friend to eat rice, also commonly be seasonings satay, spices dumplings, spices cilok, seasoning pecel, lotek and gado-gado, or seasoning for cocolan assortment of fried foods and a lot of food and other snacks.

    Spicy peanut sauce with spices can provide variety for us in how to make a delicious peanut sauce. Although simple, but it can give you a taste of the variety of dishes we serve, both as a spread, spray or to condiment cocolannya.

    Preparation Materials and Peanut Sauce Seasoning
    150 grams of peanuts
    20 grams of brown sugar combed
    50 ml of water tamarind
    300 ml water
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 piece of lime or lime
    peanut oil for frying and sauteing seasonings

    3 red onions
    2 cloves of garlic
    2 cm kencur
    5 large red chilies
    5 pieces of red cayenne pepper
    5 pieces of curly red chili

    How to Make Peanut Sauce Spicy Seasoning
    Heat the oil a lot, put up submerged peanut oil. Stir during frying in order to mature evenly, use a medium heat. Once cooked and brownish yellow, remove and drain and puree. by: best food site.
    Heat a little oil, saute ground spices and stir until fragrant. Add water, peanut paste, brown sugar, tamarind water, and salt. Stir well and cook until thickened and bubbling, remove from heat and serve with a squeeze of lime juice.

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  • Bahan Membuat Donat Kentang Sangat Simple - Marble sponge cake were delicious and tender steamed with banana flavor combinations can increase the variety of dishes simple cake. Cake with chocolate classical motifs still exist today, both at special events as well as a snack while drinking tea or coffee. In addition to baked, of course, we also can make a marble cake by steaming.

    Crisp and tender cake churros served with hot chocolate sauce thick as cocolannya, can add variety breakfast or snack tasty and savory when gathering with family. Churros are made by frying, is a popular snack in many areas of Latin America to Europe and is very popular in Indonesia.

    Churros are fried to be crispy, perfectly suited dipped in hot chocolate sauce different variations, even the presentation can also be sprinkled with sugar or other toppings. Churros are generally characterized by long serrated shaped like a star because the dough is printed using spray bag with a star-shaped tip.
    While variations zoom also can vary both the thickness and length, can be straight or curved and even circular and various other shapes, adjust it with the creativity of each. For menmabah reference, here is one version of how to make easy practical churros shaped mini with a simple pastry dough. pancake new version. see more.

    Preparation materials Bolu Steamed Banana Marble
    160 grams of cake flour (blue triangles)
    200 grams sugar
    100 grams of butter / margarine melted (blueband)
    20 grams of cornstarch
    20 grams of milk powder
    8 eggs
    1 tablespoon cake emulsifier (ovalet / sp / tbm, etc.)
    1 packet of vanilla
    20 grams of cocoa powder
    3 pieces of banana blended smooth

    How to Make Bolu Steamed Banana Marble
    First mix the flour, vanilla, cornstarch and powdered milk, then sieve and set aside. Furthermore, beat eggs, sugar and emulsifier until the dough is puffed and pale and thick tread (mixer speed increase gradually). Enter dough mixture of flour had little by little, beat until blended at low speed mixer. Enter liquid margarine, stir well then enter the bananas, stir well and then turn off the mixer. Separate 6 ladle of dough to be mixed with cocoa powder, mix well.
    Grease baking pan with margarine and sprinkle lightly with flour until blended or use baking paper. Pour the batter into the pan, reserving enough dough for the top layer or cover. After that pour the chocolate mixture over it and stir with a fork or chopsticks in a circle or randomly according to taste to form marble motif. Finally pour the rest of the dough on top of it, heat the steamer, and steam the dough about 20 minutes or until done. Lift and cut bananas marble sponge cake to be served.

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  • Tata Cara Membuat Kue Sus Dengan Vla Coklat - If you are from Jakarta and Betawi miss the cuisine, you can stop by at Jl. Zafri Zam-Zam. If you visit these stalls, it should be during the afternoon as if you must be out too late. Culinary Regions in Banjarmasin with rice Uduk ii Betawi not far from the hospital. Individuals asylum and lying on the roadside. Betawi flavor seasoning grilled chicken is also delicious with a fairly cheap price that is 11,000 rupiah.

    ahkan stalls run since 1993, this became the object of tourists who come to this region, so that the existence of this shop increasingly popular, let alone often officials of Banjarmasin and Jakarta who came to the province always taken well to this simple shop. According to Hj Ainun, this shop sells food was just typical city Martapura, namely Supo green bean porridge, the menu consists of the diamond which was given chicken broth soup with a mixture of green beans. But because so much demand for traditional cakes other, then sold also traditional cakes typical Banjarese, m such bingka, kelapon, kikicak, cangkarok, diamonds, lamang, kraraban, sarimuka, bowsprit, to-to, slurry randang, Bulungan chicken, kulaks bananas, kakoleh, puracit, lupis, Putu Mayang, babbongko, pancakes, and other kua.

    While the food, besides there are yellow rice, also katupat balamak, Banjar rice cake, rice kaboli, balamak rice and chicken porridge. According to Hj Ainun, pastries sold it mostly artificial artisans in the neighborhood. "There are about 30 people baker, who every day entrust to dijualkan cake stall he ran, and thank God, the welfare of artisans cake was getting better after these stalls increasingly visited by many people," said Hj Ainun accompanied by two twin daughters. The stall is open from early morning and in the afternoon usually closed because the pastries were gone to buy.


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